Labour Recruiters

Labour Recruiters participating in the IRIS Certification Program

We are pleased to share a list of labour recruiters that have applied for IRIS Certification. As labour recruiters move through the IRIS certification process, each will be listed below, updated as the labour recruiter achieves certification milestones.

Name of Labour RecruiterLabour Recruiter Number (LRN)CountryAddressScope of Labour SpecialtiesCountry of Labour Recruiter OriginCountries of Labour Recruiter DestinationLabour Recruiter License Number/sStatusDate Application AcceptedInitial Certification DateCertification Expiry DateCertificate NumberMost Recent Certification / Recertification DateName of Auditing CompanyDate of Most Recent Update
We Are Caring Pte LtdLRN00012201Singapore02-06, 304 Orchard Road, SingaporeSingapore, Philippines, IndonesiaSingapore15C7788Certified Performing18 January 202216 December 202212 July 2024IA-IR-00116 December 2022International Associates Limited6 January 2023
IPF GlobalLRN00022301PolandPiekary 7
PoznaƄ, Poland
Poland, Ukraine, BelarusFrance, Poland, Netherlands7799Active Applicant6 January 2023