IRIS Accredited Audit Companies

All Audit Companies accredited to deliver IRIS Standard audits and IRIS Certifications are listed below. Please contact these organizations if your company is interested in IRIS Certification. Click on the links below for the individual Audit Company’s detailed accreditation scope.  

If your organization is interested in being accredited to deliver IRIS Certifications, please see visit the accreditation pages to learn how to apply.

List of IRIS Accredited ACs

International Associates Limited


Alan James Cherry, Scheme Director
International Associates Limited
38 Queen Street
Glasgow, G1 3DX

Tel. +44 (0)141 3 28 29 28

Accreditation Details

  • Scope of Accreditation: Global
  • Initial Date of Accreditation: December 1, 2022
  • Current Accreditation Expiry: November 30, 2027
  • Authorized to deliver SAAS-accredited IRIS Certification audits