IRIS Certification Overview

The IRIS Standard forms the “technical standard” against which Labour Recruiters are assessed in the IRIS certification scheme. The scheme aims to provide confidence that an IRIS-certified Labour Recruiter’s processes and performance meet defined expectations in those areas that it can control and over which it may be expected to have an influence.

IRIS certification is based on periodic independent third-party audits of management systems control points/indicators (policies and procedures, training and communication, monitoring and governance) that are examined by the audit company to assess evaluate overall adherence to the IRIS Standard, applicable legislation in countries where Labour Recruiter operates and Labour Recruiter declarations.

Important Roles:

Scheme Owner –– Provides Conformity Monitoring and Integrity Program governance and secretariat. Has overall responsibility for IRIS Certification Scheme design, credibility, performance and ongoing improvement. The IRIS Scheme Owner is the IRIS Secretariat, situated in IOM Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland

Scheme Manager –– Independent organization appointed by Scheme Owner to provide administration and quality oversight of scheme management requirements. Accountable to IRIS secretariat for implementing and monitoring certification scheme. The IRIS Scheme Manager is Social Accountability Accreditation Services (SAAS), a division of Social Accountability International (SAI).

Labour Recruiter ––  for the purpose of IRIS Scheme the term labour recruiter applies to private recruitment agencies that offer labour recruitment services. Labour Recruiters can take many forms, whether for profit or non-profit, operating within legal and regulatory frameworks. Labour Recruiter is the subject of IRIS certification (may be prospective Applicant, an Applicant, or a certified Labour Recruiter).

Certification Flow: